Commute Diary

I have been waxing poetic about my lovely rides lately. However, every ride is not rainbows and sunshine – you all know that. Here is a commute diary entry from a less enjoyable day.

More tights!

Not so cheery

I’m not smiling because:

  1. I am sick with a cold.  I thought a 12 mile bike ride would make me feel better.  I was wrong. Quite the opposite.
  2. The weather was super muggy.  I was sweaty.
  3. My thighs were tired.  My lack of a daily commute is showing.
  4. I cannot walk in those heels.  They hurt my feet.  Why do they make them that high?  Why do I buy them?  Eternal mystery. (For the record, I wore black flats for the ride and carried the heels in my basket.)
  5. I was on my way to an interview for a part-time job.  My competition was teeny boppers.

There will be good days and bad days, regardless of whether you are on a bike. Don’t be discouraged; even a bad day on a bike is better than a day without a bike. We hope this message comes through here.

  • Sox

    You don’t look like someone with a cold who is having a bad day. The positive attitude must be peeking through! I’m sure that will prevail over any teeny-abopper.

  • Cycler

    Bicycling saved my mental health when I worked in an extremely stressful job. The bike home every day was a chance to “exercise” my demons and I got home much more relaxed and happier.

    Hope you feel better soon, and as many above have said, you look fabulous!

  • Dean Peddle

    LOL on number 5….you are a funny girl. As for number 1 that is interesting….I always feel fantastic on the bike when I have a cold….it’s when I get off the bike it turns quite the opposite.

  • Lovely Bicycle!

    I have a pretty unusual employment situation since quitting my “normal” job when I was around the same age as yourself. A piece of advice someone gave me at that time, was “Don’t look for a job, but look for a way to earn an income doing something that interests you.”

    I’ve only had a bad time on a bicycle when the traffic on the route I chose has been really bad and it was super hot out. Blazing sunshine + 90degree temps + exhaust fumes = not a fun ride.

    • lorenza

      Hello Dottie! I agree with all the above comments :) we all have bad days, I have a one of those nasty weeks!!! But Pashley has certainly kept me sane ;) even those morning where I really didn’t want to go to work it was the ride with Pashley that pulled me through and improved my mood ;) anyway you still looked very elegant as you always do :D cycle love ♥ L x

    • lorenza

      Hi! I know your comment is for Dottie, but the advice struck a chord with me too ;) thank you! :) xxx

  • Man

    As other noticed as well you look great especially for someone suffering from a cold and being tired. 12 miles can be a long ride even when one is feeling well.
    Is that a self portrait with the camera set on the ledge?
    Oh and are thsoe striped tights?

  • meligrosa

    yes! because we are real and life sucks sometimes.
    keep going GF, things can only get better – and you look great btw

    much love from SF /meli

  • Elaine

    So sorry about your day!!! I hope tomorrow is bright and sunny just for you! You deserve it.

  • dottie


    Oh, fun fact for the girls. I am wearing the same thrifted dress in today’s and yesterday’s pictures. I swapped out brown tights for black, one pair of Marc Jacobs shoes for another, one Chloe bag for another, one thrifted jacket for another, and added pearls :) (I bought the bags highly discounted with my first law firm paycheck two years ago, if anyone was wondering.)

  • Scott

    Cheer up, Dottie. Leaving law associate life isn’t easy, but I think it will seem like a wise decision in the long run.

  • bikinginla

    As Billy Crystal used to say on Saturday Night Live, it’s better to look good than to feel good. Hope tomorrow is a better day, but at least you look mahvelous.

  • alice

    I hope that you have a better day tomorrow!

  • Anu

    Not smiling and yet elegantly attired :-) And if you are feeling glum think of being in an office and doing billable hours!!

    Hope things look good tomorrow.