The Sun and the Bicycle

The majority of my waking hours are spent in a skyscraper. My office has a big window with a view of Lake Michigan, but looking at the view only reminds me of what I’m missing. Without bike rides before and after work, my life would be pretty sad. Because of this, I try to really appreciate my time outside: winter, spring, summer or fall, I love it all if I can be outside on my bike. Today I focused on enjoying the summer sun – a rare bird in Chicago, land of the six-month winter. The sun reciprocated by playing fun games with my camera.  Betty, of course, was happy to mug.

lalalalalaaa, sang the angels

And on the eighth day, God create the bike...

And on the eighth day, God create the bike…

Glorious Betty in Grant Park

Glorious Betty in Grant Park

And facing away from the sun …

Our shadows

Our shadows

That’s the thing about bike commuting – even if you’re in the frenetic city, cycling allows you to get out in the fresh air, slow down, bask in the sunlight, smile at strangers and appreciate how beautiful the world can be. You can’t get that in a car, train or bus, people!

So let’s go ride a bike :)

  • Carolyn

    Yeh for Summer! It’s nice here too. I think we get an 8 month winter here in Canada. LOL!! I’ve been wearing skirts lots now too, as it’s so much more comfortable wearing a dress or a skirt in hot weather, then it is to wear shorts.

    I bet you’ve been biking lots…I like how you play with the light.

  • Jon

    One of the things I love about Denver in the summer is that the temperature hovers around 60 defrees F at the time I to work. It may be 95 on the way home, or 80, but the morning temperature will always be within a degree or two of 60 at 6:00 AM.

    Nothing like watching the sun come up, riding along on a cool summer morning!

  • simply hue (vicki)

    Just wanted you to know I added you to my blogroll under “inspiration”. :)

    • dottie

      Thanks! That’s quite an honor considering your site is such an inspiration to me :)

  • Doohickie

    I tried to take some pics in the hot sun but I think yours captures the feel of it much better.

  • sara

    Betty is just so comfortable being photographed. Impressive. I really love bike shadow photos.

  • Doohickie

    I just like pics of Dottie in general. She’s stylin’, and her bikes only add to the mystique.

  • One Lung Beat

    Betty is so dreamy.

  • Karen

    Wow. Really nice shots and post. Funny, I have been in Chicago during some pretty miserable weather but I never seem to care. What a great town. It must be something else to take in on a bicycle!

  • meligrosa

    that picture is very poetic. I know iwanna visit chicago as much as you wanna visit sf. capital of wind, capital of fog. xoxoo/meli

  • Gina

    *sigh* Now I really want that bike! LOL

  • Jeremy

    Hey Dot! Nice Betty pics… I don’t think you’re supposed to be riding your bike up that bridge into Millenium park ;) I was scolded one day while on the tandem. heh heh.

    Y’all oughta post scenes from cycling on the streets and paths here –