Bike Love

I love my bikes, Betty and Oma. They make me so happy. Some mornings the prospect of a refreshing ride to work is the only thing that gets me out of bed. Even when the rest of my day is not going so well, I can always count on my bikes to lift my spirits. They allow me to leave all the bullshit behind and focus on the moment: the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my face. That’s what people mean when they say riding a bike makes them feel like a kid again.

Before Bike

Before Bike

After Bike!

After Bike!

Today was one of those perfect days – when the sun is shining, the air is crisp, the sky is blue and I feel like a kid again. Thank you, Bikes!

  • simply hue (vicki)

    I love these photos and it’s so cute how you name your bikes. :)

  • WordSprite

    How sweet!

    Posts like this make me happy. I don’t look nearly as adorable on my bike- I wish I did. LOL Just sweaty.

    Could that possibly be a cute helmet (in the basket) to match your dress? That would be just the icing on the cake!

    • dottie

      Indeed, it is :) Never leave home without my Nutcase.

  • bikedate

    That IS why I ride – because it’s fun. I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about. I’m amazed that I NEVER get to the end of my day at work and think, “Crap, I wish I brought the car.” It just never happens!

  • Man

    I totally agree – the bike rides soothe the soul.

    With all respect, Wow -You look beautiful – cycle chic indeed!

  • alice

    I feel exactly the same. This is such a nice post : )

  • kim

    thanks so much for posting this, dottie. riding to work (and many of the places i go around town) makes me very happy. i’m in a better mood when i get where i’m going, if i got to ride my bike. every afternoon, too, i look forward to the ride home. makes me feel like a kid again, too!

  • Val

    Oh, no, you don’t even want to see the expression on my face on the rare occasions that I have to drive a car. Stress is not pretty.

  • Carolyn I.

    I know my bike cheers me up! Oh what am I to do when I go on holidays to New York City on Friday? I will so miss it. Can’t take it along….makes me want to cry now. But wait……

    I know, I know, I will rent a bike and ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and along the Hudson River. :) That’ll be the BEST part of the trip.

  • Karen

    You look so pretty on your bike! I know what you mean about the propsect of pedaling to work being the only thing that gets you out of bed. Most work days, my commute is the best part of my day and gives me enough of a positive mental zap to make it through my morning funk.

  • amanda

    Well don’t you look fabulous on your bicycle?

  • Laurie

    I just adore these pictures! I love your bike! So jealous! And are those butterflies are you tights????? LORD! that is adorable! Must be nice to be able to ride to work everyday! weeeee!

  • sara

    i totally understand bikey love.

  • academichic

    I am in love with those butterfly tights! Where did you find them?? Such a lovely post! S.

    • dottie

      Danke. The tights are by Betsey Johnson. I need to buy another pair in case (or when, really) these rip.

  • miss sarah

    Love these shots, you look gorgeous!