Cycling Abroad

Jess and her bike in Gottingen

I’ve long believed that if everyone spent some time living in a country other than their own, the world would be a much better place. But I never thought about the fact that it could also get people on bikes.

My friend Jessica has been studying in Germany for the past few months. Though she sometimes rode a bike to the university here in Nashville, living there has given her a different perspective on city cycling that she shared in a blog post today. As always, Jessica provides interesting insights on German culture as she sees it—and the pictures of Gottingen’s bike lots on weekends vs. on weekdays are great illustrations of the prominence of cycling in Europe.

So head on over and check out her post. I have a feeling there will be some more pictures of Jessica on two wheels once she makes it back to Nashville.

  • dottie

    Cool! I would love to spend time in a country where cycling is a real priority (or Portland). I totally agree that everyone should spend some time in a foreign culture. I loved my semester in Russia, though I didn’t get any cycling experiences out of it. :)

  • Kyong

    wish i had gotten some cycling experiences when i spent a college semester abroad in London – though i was just thrilled to be riding the tube on a daily basis. it was so nice to live where everyone wasn’t so car-centric. people think i’m so weird bc i don’t drive.

  • Jeffy

    Thank you for share.

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