Mother Nature Rejects Ladies' Critical Mass

All day at work, watching the gorgeous weather from my office window, I was antsy to be outside on my bike.

Like a caged animal, I await my chance for escape

Like a caged animal, I await my chance for escape

I planned on riding in the Ladies’ Mass organized by Cycling Sisters, like critical mass but for grrrls and womyn only. I’ve never been on one of their rides before, but met a couple of them on the Tweed Ride. When the time finally came to leave my desk behind and go meet the group, the weather had changed – drastically.



Of course. So instead I had a wet and windy ride straight home by my lonesome. I wonder if the ride went ahead anyway? The next Ladies’ Mass ride is Sunday, June 7 and I plan on being there as long as the weather cooperates. If you don’t identify as male and live in Chicago, put it on your calendar!

  • spiderleggreen

    Better luck next time. Up here, we’d gladly take the rain. The dry weather has put the greening process on hold.

  • evie

    hmmm… I live in Chicago and it didn’t rain today. Maybe I missed it.

    • dottie

      Looks like we’re talking about different days – May 7, not May 8. It was beautiful all day until around 5:30, when I took the second picture.

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