Ladies Who Tea


Forgive the non bike-related post, but I can tie it to cycling by mentioning that later today I will be riding in Chicago’s inaugural Tweed Ride, so I feel like reminiscing about how Trisha and I recently were proper ladies in London having tea at Claridge’s. Well, okay, as proper as two sailor-mouthed Americans taking digital photos of themselves at fancy restaurants can be.

Scones and jam

Scones and jam

Pink puff on the left is the best sweet ever!  We had two.

Pink puff on the left is the best sweet ever! We had two.



Cheers, darling!

  • Trisha

    Sailor-mouthed?!? I must jump in and say that I was the picture of refinement. Taking a picture of the ladies’ room is classy, right? ;) That was a good afternoon. Must learn to make rose-raspberry macaroons, stat.

  • sara

    scones, jam AND clotted cream ? (yum, yum, yum!)

  • Christa

    Chicago has a Tweed ride now?? Wish they had one in San Diego or SoCal.

    Have fun!

  • Carolyn

    That’s cool! When I was there, I had a fancy dinner at restaurant on Park Lane near Hyde Park. I was there for a charity benefit, and it was truly ‘white-glove’ experience. Def feel special!

    Those desserts look so tasty! Yum yum!