Cycling Superparents

Some of my favorite discoveries in the cycling blogosphere have been cycling superparents (often moms). Reading about their experiences is always interesting and often hilarious. They are an inspiration for me and, I’m sure, for their kids, too!

My Super Sister Stephanie and Spider Man-Tristan

My Super Sister Stephanie and Spider Man-Tristan

Here is a list of some of my favorites that I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there are some I’ve missed and have not yet discovered. Do you have a fave cycling superparent blog? Are you a cycling superparent? Let us know in the comments! I can keep updating this list.

Full Hands – every day a bakfiets parade
Suburban Bike Mama – angry kid banging on bakfiets rain shield
Car Free Days – reading on the back of a bike!
Totcycle – pronounced like popcycle
Bike Lite – added 5/1 – I don’t know how I forgot this great pair with their set of Jamis!

General cycling blogs with kid-related posts:

Bike Date – trailer hauling
Minneapolis Rad – baby’s first biking
Girls and Bicycles – starting very young – like, in the womb

And there is, of course, Copenhagen’s Supermums.

  • Diana

    I consider Jack from to be a cycling super-dad. I don’t know if he’s posted about it much, but I know him personally, and he has an awesome set-up on his bike so that he can take his son on rides with him.

  • Kathleen McDade

    Well…tooting my own horn here, but I take my kids to and from daycare/school, and myself to and from work, on an Xtracycle Radish. TechnoEarthMama

  • Anne

    Thanks Dottie! We’re flattered to be included. I hope more parents will join us!

  • Doohickie

    Not always moms…

    • MamaVee

      oh wow!! Thanks for linking to me. I’m such a newbie biking mama I can’t live up to “super” just yet. Just trying, one pedal at a time!


  • jj

    i don’t blog (i’m addicted to reading them, but don’t have the guts to write one myself) but i’m definitely a biking mama. don’t know i’d go so far as to say super thouh :) but we do bike most everywhere we can, saving the car for the really long trips or the big trader joes runs.

    my current set up is the 3 year old in the bobike maxi seat on the back and my 5-3/4 year old on his bike attached to mine with the follow-me tandem attachment. sometimes we use the burley trailer if it’s particularly rainy or we’ve got too much to fit in my basket. this is an older picture, taken the first weekend we had the follow-me, but it shows the setup.

  • Ghost Rider

    Thanks Diana!!!

    Honestly, I’m no super-anything, but I do what I can to show my son that there are alternatives to driving everywhere in a car. And, it’s fun to be able to zip in and out of the traffic jams at his school every day while all the other parents are sweltering in their silly little metal boxes. We can be in and out of there in no time, and lots of the other kids at my boy’s school have remarked that they wish THEY could get a ride on the back of a cool bike!

    +1 for Tim and Anne from Car Free Days — they have been an inspiration to me from the time I discovered their blog.

  • Fishers Commuter

    Thanks for this post. I truly enjoy taking my kids for rides with me and it is good to see that I am not the only one as I rarely see parents biking with their kids in tow around here. My kids believe that the bike is the norm in the summer and even prefer it to the car.

  • Julian

    Hi Dottie -
    Thanks for the link love! I’m not sure I have special powers either, unless they involve a supernatural ability to obsess about biking.

    Have fun in St. Petersburg! One of my favorite cities … Really cool non-profit here:

    And JJ – if you’re up for it, I’d love to post a guest mini-review on your FollowMe setup, which looks great!

  • sara

    I am so excited to check out these other blogs. Many thanks for the shout-out. I, too, am a newbie but could not be more excited about being a bike commuter. I bow down to the folks who have made this commitment for far longer than our family.

    Another place I definitely get inspiration is from Travis at Wheel American Family:
    He commutes daily with his three fellows & doesn’t the COOLEST bakfiets decorations for a variety of occasions.

    Also, Lex at is another biking mama. Her cargo bike is preparing for boy #4! She’s also a great crafter….

    Happy travels, all!

  • sara

    whoops, sorry about my bad editing there…

    He [Travis] commutes daily with his three fellows & does the COOLEST bakfiets decorations for a variety of occasions.

  • Julian

    Oh yeah to the above links … here are some other biking parent blogs I like, for inclusion in the Justice League of bikey superparents: blog (OG bike-parents, font of family/utility cycling knowledge and inspirado) (Marion Rice’s articles about biking with kids) (love her latest meditation on family cycling) (wicked cool custom xtracycle seats and canopy) (another xtracycley family) (cool custom xtra’s) (Tacoma xtra and Madsen family) (British superdad) (Dutch bike exporter and new dad)


  • Bike by the Sea aka Christa

    Wow, love – awesome! “Kidical Mass” :) :)

    I love this photo of a fashionable mom in Copenhagen –

  • meligrosa

    my favorite mom is local. because I love san francisco and it is hilly as hell.
    thats right, this isnt europe, japan or elsewhere. I honor my favorite local bicycle mom and oh so chic! busbozo: one of her flickr sets

  • http://www, Yvonne

    so glad to find this posting as I have had trouble finding any mumswho cycle blogs in the uk – surely mines not the only one???? And een thats a bit short of cycling at the mo due to darn builders….will be doing lots of links to all you ladies shortly :0)

  • Chris R

    I’m a cylcing parent. I bought an Opa Dutch Bike from Dutch Bike Chicago and just got the BoBike front babyseat today….sweet livin’. My 1 yr old went on his first ride today looking slick as ever.

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  • Katie

    I’m a cycling mom-to-be with a new blog– certainly not qualified as “super” as of yet, but we’re trying our best to be car-free from the outset, which should be an interesting adventure! Find me & my sweetie & our not-here-yet babe at