Batavus Day Is Finally Here!

Dottie and I made it all the way to Littlehampton today and picked up my bike. Paul and the folks at the Littlehampton Dutch Bike Co. were as helpful and friendly in person as they’d been over email, and we were able to take a little ride around the town — once we figured out what side of the street we were supposed to be on, it went well. (Luckily we didn’t have to go through any roundabouts!) My Batavus had a lot of details that I didn’t notice online, like the reflective tape on the fenders that makes them look like they are hammered, and the whimsical abstract details on the tube. Oh yeah, and the ride is pretty smooth, too.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Can you tell I'm excited?

More pictures, anyone?

Where's the shop again?Finding our way to the shop


Testing my Batavus legs

Testing my Batavus legs

And...we're off!
And…we’re off!
What side of the road are we supposed to be on again?

What side of the road are we supposed to be on again?



Bikes by the sea

Biking by the sea.

  • Allison

    Loving it Trisha! You look so natural on it. Do you have a mega lock for it yet? It looks like it needs it’s own garage!

  • Mr. Dottie

    I’m so jealous. Congrats Trisha!

  • Doohickie

    Yay! Batavus!

  • stylocycle

    Lovely! Enjoy. I am truly besotted with my Batavus Old Dutch. The freedom, the ride, the efficiency and elegance… the best bike I will ever own.

  • The Jolly Crank

    Suh-weet! Great bike!

    • Carolyn

      Oh, I so love it! Congrats on new bike.

      Looks like you had a nice day to ride the bike.

  • Lynn

    Great photos, awesome bike (love the chain guard!), and you two look chic as always.

  • MamaVee

    beautiful bike!

  • dadabean

    You look good on it. Hope LePeug doesn’t get too jealous!

  • Karen

    I love it! Bike envy! Bob and I are going to Portland, Oregon next week for a long weekend and will rent Dutch Bikes from Clever Cyles. I’m so excited! Happy riding.

  • Jon Grinder

    Looks like fun!

  • Diana

    Love the new bike! It must be extra fun to get to bike somewhere like that :)

  • spiderleggreen

    That’s a slick bike. I like that detail on the back of the chain guard.

  • mtblawgirl

    She’s a real beauty!

  • Jennie

    Congrats Trish! She looks great! I know you lovely ladies are having an awesome time!

  • tsalyards

    Welcome to the “Dutch bike club!” Looks like a great trip.

  • Adrienne Johnson

    You will love it more each day. I know I do with mine. One bit of advice- get rid of the crappy bell they put on (mine was terrible), these bikes deserve brass Crane Bells!

  • anna

    Lovely pictures. Have a lot of fun with your new bike!

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