Chicago Tribune: Cyclists Face Daily Perils on Crowded Streets

This article speaks for itself:

Mary Pat Fabeck agonizes over the last minutes her 22-year-old son Tyler spent after being struck by a car while riding his bike in the Logan Square neighborhood a year ago.

“He bled to death and died within a half hour of being hit. That’s what I know of my son,” said Fabeck, through small sobs. “It took him a half an hour to die and that’s as long as it took him to be born.”

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  • Doohickie

    That’s so sad. Just this week, my sis-in-law witnessed something similar in Albany, NY. In this case, though, it was a pedestrian. She was the one who called 911 and who was with him after the accident. He didn’t make it. :(

  • E A

    Honor ALL fallen and injured cyclists on May 20, 2009 — join your local Ride of Silence OR organize a local Ride of Silence in your community.

    We all have a right to share the road. Let the SILENCE roar!
    (Chicago’s Ride —