Quality Family Time

I rode part of the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama today with my parents. Full post TK, but here’s a quick photo of us, windswept but happy,  after the ride (thank goodness for self-timers). Was especially proud of my mom for going 13 miles on her first long ride on her new bike, and especially grateful to my friend P for loaning me the Dahon yet again.

After the ride

After the ride

After the jump, a quick taste of small-town Alabama. (I kid because I love.)

Almost as classic as the sadly defunct Quintard Mall store "NASCAR and Knives."

Almost as classic as the sadly defunct Quintard Mall store "NASCAR and Knives."

  • http://sherunsaround.blogspot.com Melissa Hope S

    Oh wow. “Jesus Saves” and “We Buy Guns”…. all on the same wall!!

    • http://www.jenniedemeis.blogspot.com Jennie

      I love this post Trish! Your Family is AWESOME!

  • http://letsgorideabike.wordpress.com dottie

    Such a great picture of you and your parents! 13 miles is a great ride, especially after not riding for so long.

    Lovely Easter message. The South’s keeping it classy, as always.

    • http://charlottedays.blogspot.com Allison

      The family that bikes together stays together! Looks like y’all had fun! Happy Easter!

  • http://palmbeachbiketours.com ksteinhoff

    We did the family portrait self-timer thing on Easter Sunday.

    Sometimes it’s a PITA, but it made for great fun.


  • http://bikeskirt.blogspot.com Anna

    you guys look great! i’m really looking forward to our ride!

  • http://www.fullhandsx3.blogspot.com sara

    Love the snap of the painted wall. One of my favorite signs from our days in Maine was the beer-sponsored “Welcome, Hunters!” one that went up every fall. An interesting combination there too…