Ellen Page Rides My Bike!

Okay, so this is not actually “my” bike, but it is an Oma that looks identical.  And, okay, she probably used it only once for a photo shoot.  But still.  Loveliness.   I have a crush on the cute little road bike her character rode in Juno, but this is even better.  I now covet that dress and shoes.

Famous Oma

Famous Oma

Picture nabbed from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

  • http://bikelite.blogspot.com Lynn

    I love the outfit, too, but doesn’t she look like she’s on her way to a funeral? She looks so sad! I’m sure she’ll cheer up once she’s riding the Oma, though.

  • http://www.bikeskirt.blogspot.com Elisa

    That dress and shoes make me so happy. Do you know which magazine…I bet we can find out who makes them!

  • http://adrianspokesman.blogspot.com/ the village scribe

    Anyone know a local bike shop that carries SPD cleats for those shoes? Oh, wait, I’m guessing clipless pedals aren’t standard issue on the Oma.

  • msdottie

    Yes, she’ll smile when she’s pedaling. I think the pic is from the LA Times. I’ll have to look into that. Clipless pedals? Jargon I don’t understand, but sounds like they would get in the way of awesome boots :)

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  • em

    Can anyone tell me:

    - where i can get the original or larger size of this pic?

    - What photoshoot this is from? photographer, date?