Midnight Riders

Since I posted on Tuesday about riding in the dark, I have seen three cyclists out and about in Nashville riding on the street without a light or any reflective gear. Brave or suicidal? I guess a little bit of both! It does make me feel a little bit safer knowing these people have managed to survive. ;)

  • msdottie

    That is reassuring, in an odd way. Reminds me of what my favorite professor told me when I was majorly stressing out studying for the bar exam – go to the local courthouse and watch some of those guys. If they passed the bar exam, you certainly can ;) This advice did not stop me from studying diligently, but it helped calm some irrational fears.

  • parker

    riding at night w/o lights is not smart. i’ve done it a few times and am not proud. i live in nashville and people are NOT looking for cyclists here much less looking for hard to see cyclists at night.
    i know it’s not cool to mess up your bike with safety gear but sitting in a hospital after being plowed over isn’t real cool either.

  • editrish

    Love the story, Dot.

    Parker, I definitely agree with you! But to be fair, I’m pretty sure at least a two of these riders weren’t worried about looking cool; they were just trying to run some errands and possibly had no other form of transportation. Do you commute here in Nashville?

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