Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…

I dream of the summer sun.  Did this lovely day really happen?  Seems so long ago…  The current temperature is 2 degrees fahrenheit and Thursday’s forecast is HIGH -2 / LOW -12 / WINDCHILL -30.

  • editrish

    Wow. Do the snowplows even come out in that weather? I am enjoying imagining the reaction in Nashville should our temperature ever plunge below zero. We’re looking at high of 22, low of 2 here tomorrow, which is pretty cold for TN.

  • the village scribe

    You’re killing me! It’s 15-degrees (and falling) outside, and the snow is flying horizontally.

  • Gordon Inkeles

    2 degrees?

    Pour yourself something calming and watch Les Triplettes de Belleville.