Commuting on a holiday

A sinus infection and monsoon weather kept me off my bike for most of December. I think there was only one week that I met my commuting goals.

However, I feel I’ve made up for it this week. Sure, I only rode twice, but one of those days (today) I went to work when our offices were closed. Surely that counts double? It was a beautiful day (at the moment we seem to be alternating between bone-chilling cold and nearly spring-like temperatures here in Nashville) and the commute was wonderful. Since the office was closed, what to wear was not an issue, and my jeans, sweatshirt and moccasins worked just fine. Traffic was light, and aside from a bit of debris in the bike lane (from last month’s rain) and one very rude motorcycle rider who zoomed past me when I was trying to turn left (surely he should have more sympathy for other two-wheelers?) it went smoothly. Next week, when everyone’s back at work, it’s sure to be a different story, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Sticking to bike commuting is one of my New Year’s resolutions, so between that and the responsibility of documenting here, I hope to have a lot to write about.