Hello world!

I figured I’d keep this subject, since this is my intro to the blogging world.  I’m counting on this site to keep me to my goal of commuting by bike three times a week, even in the winter. Each day that I ride, I’ll tell you about it.

  • Doohickie

    I’m glad you decided to start this blog. I’ve enjoyed it so far and look forward to continuing entries. I commute too, but I still own a car. I drive fewer than half the miles I used to though, and maybe someday I’ll be bike free.

    I mean, after all, if a girl can do it… ;)

  • http://www.dressdesigndecor.blogspot.com Daniella

    Whew! I think i made it all the way back to the beginning of your blog, lol.

    • http://letsgorideabike.com Trisha

      Impressive! Welcome. :)